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Web Design, RIA programming, UX design & doing cool stuff

About me

I am a young developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland originating from Prague. I am interested in creating interesting websites and building RIAs.

I am also a student of Artificial Intelligence and Psychology at Edinburgh University.

Hire me

I am looking for a part time job either as in-house or freelance developer/designer. Since I am a student I am looking for approximately ten hours per week.

If you would like a beautiful custom built website, don't hesitate to contact me.

Websites I've done


This webapp serves to show clients of a Czech training company images of flipcharts used in their training.

I developed this microsite for a company that is part of the European Social fund's project for educating school directors in management technique. Also features an interactive e-learning application.

A microsite for an EU project for training health workers in management and communication skills.

A Czech company that is specialized in training management, communication and teamwork skills.

This is my longest running project and are currently preparing a redesign.

Website for a Czech Opera singer I coded and designed. Features also a complete custom made Content Management System and multilingual support.


Jakub Hampl
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